Ad postcard from Kutaniyaki Art Museum. Located inside the Ko-Kutani-no-Mori Park, this Museum is specialized in introducing the art of Kutaniyaki Porcelain. There are different exhibition halls showing the various aspects of Kutaniyaki Porcelain: an "Aode-no-ma" providing an independent space for visitors to appreciate the works of artist Aode; an "Iroe Gosai-no-ma" is a Japanese-style room full with colorful porcelains; and an "Akae Kinran-no-ma" that displays works with dull red-colored decorations. Visitors can enjoy all the arts while learning the history of Kutaniyaki Porcelain, as well as the beautiful mini gardens that blend in with the sceneries of the Ko-Kutani-no-Mori Oyamizu Park.

From Ninstarmon received on: 27 Jun, 2009

Distance: 7,983 Kms (4,960 Miles) 
Travel time: 19 days

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